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Why Should You Use the News Ticker Widget ?

Real-Time News at Your Fingertips

With the News Ticker for Carrd, you can provide real-time news to your Carrd website, to keep your users updated, informed, and engaged.

Attract and Engage with an Eye-Catching Text Ticker

By integrating the Carrd News Ticker plugin and its endless flow of news items, you'll effortlessly grab your users' attention and enhance their interaction with your Carrd website.

Efficient Space Management: Carrd News Ticker

Optimize your website's available space using the News Ticker plugin for Carrd, allowing you to include additional text without consuming extra space – ideal for Carrd website with limited real estate.

Assorted Label Styles

The Carrd News Ticker plugin offers a selection of label styles to enrich the plugin's appearance and enable you to better align its design with your requirements. Select from a range of font styles and sizes to make certain your news ticker flawlessly aligns with your Carrd website's visual appeal.

News Ticker - Assorted Label Styles

Advanced Ticker Controls

The News Ticker for Carrd includes a wide variety of controls, ranging from adjusting the ticker's speed to enabling or disabling the looping function, and much more! These detailed controls enable you to refine the user experience and accommodate the needs of your diverse audience.

News Ticker - Advanced Ticker Controls

Carrd News Ticker: Various Chic Skins

The News Ticker for Carrd features an assortment of striking skins, enabling you to effortlessly find the right appearance without in-depth customization. attractive news ticker that aligns with your Carrd website brand identity.

News Ticker - Carrd News Ticker: Various Chic Skins

Personalize Your News Ticker for Carrd

The Carrd News Ticker plugin includes numerous customization possibilities, allowing you to easily adapt the design for your specific needs. Change the colors, the fonts, the spacing, and anything else! This unparalleled adaptability enables you to craft a one-of-a-kind and customized news ticker for your Carrd website.

News Ticker - Personalize Your News Ticker for Carrd
News Ticker - Diverse Ticker Animation Options

Diverse Ticker Animation Options

With the News Ticker plugin for Carrd, you can select from a range of animation styles for your news ticker, allowing you to tailor the ticker plugin according to your preferences. Select among diverse effortless transitions to establish an exclusive and mesmerizing experience for your visitors.

News Ticker - Connectable Text

Connectable Text

The text within the Ticker can be connected to any URL, transforming it into a versatile visual and functional tool for conveying information and promoting content. This feature allows you to turn your news ticker into a dynamic source of traffic for your Carrd website or targeted content.

News Ticker - Various Striking Icons

Various Striking Icons

The Carrd News Ticker plugin includes a diverse set of impressive icons to enrich its overall appearance. Employ these attention-grabbing icons to accentuate specific news stories, classify sections, or to provide extra information.

News Ticker - Effortless News ticker Experience

Effortless News ticker Experience

The News Ticker for Carrd provides a user-friendly approach, eliminating the need for coding know-how. Thanks to our intuitive dashboard and its drag-and-drop feature, tailoring the plugin to your liking is as simple as a few quick clicks.

Responsive News Ticker for All Devices

The News Ticker plugin is comprehensively responsive, ensuring a perfect display on any device. In a mobile-first world, this feature will put you ahead of your competitors.

News Ticker - Responsive News Ticker for All Devices

Unleash Creativity with Custom CSS plugin

As with every Common Ninja plugin, the News Ticker supports custom CSS, providing an additional layer of creative customization. This advanced capability provides developers and designers the opportunity to impart their exclusive style and optimize the News Ticker plugin's appearance and features.

News Ticker - Unleash Creativity with Custom CSS plugin

Swiftly embed the News Ticker on your Carrd website by simply using a single line of code. The Carrd News Ticker automatically refreshes with every adjustment, offering a trouble-free integration and maintenance experience for your website.

News Ticker -

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Adding News Ticker to Carrd

Embedding the News Ticker plugin in your Carrd website is simple and requires no special coding skills. Just copy a line of code to add the News Ticker to your website.

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